Songs for Starlytes

...okay well not really. But you might like the songs =)

(if not I'll compensate with cake)

My name is Jo Vass and I play music. I guess if I was to put it into some category it would be folk but I'm terrible with recognising genre.

SOUNDCLOUD (which is pretty much the same as the myspace but there are a few other bits and pieces):

I'm 24 years old and don't have a major plan in my life. I only have a small list of what I'd like to do:

1. Try new things
2. Express myself
3. Make people smile
4. Have fun!

~ Peace, love and rainbows to all of you! ~

Whaddya wanna know?

Something to say?

So this is what I’ve been doing recently :)

I’m smitten with this band.

If you’d like to keep updated from this side of things then please follow us on facebook/twitter. Full quality audios coming soon!

The links (and more videos) can be found here:

Hope all is well with everybody!

Peace, love and BAND. xxx

I’m back!

Soooo… I have pretty much recorded everything for the album now ^_^ this recording is a song called “Nothing I’d rather do”. It’s one of the many new tracks (well, they’re certainly new to this blog considering how long it’s been since I’ve updated..) up on soundcloud/myspace and is also one of my favourites as it sounds exactly like I wanted it to!

And Tumblr, since we last spoke, I also did this for my mum on Mother’s day:

In other news, I’ve graduated with a 2:1 and am darn proud of it :D

I’ve moved home from Liverpool and joined a band with whom I’m playing bass (still a work in progress) and singing. There are a couple of other musical ideas still finding their feet but for the moment that’s about it.

The next plan of action I suppose is to actually get my music out there to sell… hopefully as a charity album.. need to negotiate this through iTunes and such…

Tata for now!

Peace, love, and long-forgotten updates! xxx

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I played at Vinyl bar in Liverpool the other night :) played a few of my own and also this one…. I wasn’t allowed to swear ._.

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I was back in the studio yesterday for the first time in MONTHS! This isn’t one of my own but I love the song and a friend encouraged me to get it down ^_^

Also I actually learnt how to USE the studio this time. Crash course in music tech ya see ;D

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Recording round at Steve’s!

Heylo =)

I realise it’s been a little while since I last updated but recently it’s been so busy with uni work followed by hectic start to holiday! I’m finally busking again though so I’m happy about that.

I went round to my friend, Steve’s place today to record some not-so-new songs with his funky MacBook as my teeny laptop doesn’t have so much of a good mic on it. It went pretty well despite us spending about 3 hours on one track… guess I still haven’t learn from that first time in the studio …but that was more like 6 hours.. so a vast improvement I think.

So I’m a little closer to getting a full CD finished. Today I recorded 3 songs that I’ll post up on myspace and wherever else very soon. One of which is a slightly less drunken version of what I had last time and one which has Steve’s awesome vocal and guitar skills ^_^

Peace, love and decent tunage I hope!

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This is a rough (and ever-so-slightly drunken) recording of my song “Hold Still” =)

I haven’t recorded it in the studio yet as I’m still undecided of how much editing/layering I’d like. Maybe you guys could give me ideas if you think of anything!

Music, sun, and lots of beer ;D

This post is a bit late it’s true. Sadly, uni has completely drowned out any free time I had but I’ve decided to take a few minutes out to talk about the beer festival and share some of the pictures =)

(mum and I rockin’ out… all pictures were Tobin’s handy work:

It ended up being quite a long set. It was on the day of the royal wedding so I was quite impressed that people were paying so much attention!

I was so relaxed there as everyone was just having a good time and drinking lots of beer… It was possibly the least nervous I’ve ever been playing a gig. I even got a free burger for it afterwards =D

Then it was just a case of chilling on the grass and jamming some Owl City tracks..

(…in a very stylish hat)

….before having to scoot off home and pack to come back up to Liverpool!

So yes, I now need to continue revision for the many horrible exams coming up.

Will update again when things have calmed ^_^

Peace, love and questionable alcoholic beverages xxx

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Camera time and jamming out

So this is what I did last night =)

(if you’re wondering, that’s me next to the lime green sign on the left..)

It was fun! Had some confusion at first as the one man band guy, Woody, and I didn’t really know how to coordinate ourselves while being so close together.

In the end it worked out though..

(caption fits so well.. clearly..)

We just jammed out a couple of Oasis songs and that worked pretty well =D

The night was filmed over a period of 2 and a half hours but we were only on for 2 minutes at a time with 20-30minute breaks in between so it got quite tiring by the end (and COLD).

Luckily I had a few friends along with me so that helped my spirits!

(I want that koala bear..)

This last picture is our group plus in the centre is the guy soon to be auditioning on the Australian X Factor. He performed an improvised song about Sunrise’s weather girl during the last part of the show and then they announced they would fly him to Australia ^_^ ….annoyingly I can’t remember his name… but I’m sure we’ll spot him!

From tomorrow there might be some clips of this show put up here:

This was definitely an experience =)


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Hi Jooooo!

Tumblr rules! ^_^

Channel 7 for the aussies!

Soooo tonight’s the night!

I’m feeling pretty nervous I guess but I’m mostly nervous about being nervous on camera… which is just plain silly…

Anyone who’s interested can watch the show live tonight 9pm-midnight on this site:

Clearly I’ve taken lots of pressure off by not only potentially being watched all over Australia, but also inviting my friends in Kent to come with me, AND lots of friends in Liverpool to go to watch that link! >_> woo…

I’m sure I’ll have an interesting experience whatever happens =) very exciting!

And I’m sure I’ll blog about it and have some footage to show soon enough.

Peace, love and kangaroos xxx

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